Claremont Exchange Traded Managed Funds

The Claremont Global Fund (ASX:CGUN) and Claremont Global Fund (hedged)(ASX:CGHE) are available as exchange traded managed funds (ETMFs) on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX).

This means you can buy and sell units in CGUN and CGHE through your online trading account, via your broker or licensed adviser in the same way that you buy or sell shares in other ASX-listed companies. You can view your CGUN or CGHE unitholding alongside any other direct shareholding you have.


Indicative NAV*

 Price ($) 
Claremont Global Fund (ASX: CGUN) Per unit as at:  
[15] second delayed price
Claremont Global Fund (hedged) (ASX: CGHE) Per unit as at:  

INAV Disclaimer

*An indicative NAV per Unit (“iNAV”) for each Fund will be published throughout the Securities exchange trading day. The iNAV is reflective of real-time movements in each Fund's underlying securities. The iNAV represents the best estimate by the Issuer or its appointed agents of the value per unit in each Fund throughout the ASX trading day. The iNAV published by each Fund is indicative only and might not accurately reflect the underlying value of the Fund. The Issuer or its appointed agents gives no guarantees that the iNAV will be published continuously or that it will be up to date or free from error. To the extent permitted by law, neither the Issuer nor its appointed agent shall be liable to any person who relies on the iNAV.


Invest now

1. Invest via ASX 2. Invest Directly 3. Financial Adviser
  1. To access CGUN or CGHE on the ASX, log into your share trading platform, or speak to your stockbroker or financial adviser.
  1. You may apply for and redeem units directly via the responsible entity at the prevailing end of day Net Asset Value (subject to transaction costs and spreads). To invest directly, you can invest via:
    1. An online application form available through this link
    2. The Paper Based Application Form available in the relevant Fund’s PDS, see Key Documents below.
  1. If you have an adviser, they will be able to assist you. Please contact your licensed adviser for further information.


Why Active ETMFs

An Active ETMF is actively managed by a fund manager. Active ETMFs operate in a similar way to traditional managed funds but have the benefit of transparent, live intra-day pricing and T+2 settlement.

Active ETMFs allow simplicity in investing as you invest simply through the ASX with lower minimum investment amounts compared to traditional unlisted managed funds. Investors also have the benefit of seeing live trading prices, a full disclosure of the portfolio on a quarterly basis and the ability to buy and sell intraday on the ASX.


ASX Announcements – Claremont Global Fund (CGUN)


ASX Announcements – Claremont Global Fund (hedged) (CGHE)


Disclosure Documents

Investors should read the Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) and Target Market Determination (TMD) before making any investment in the Fund. The daily Material Portfolio Information (MPI) file for each Fund is available in the table below.

Claremont Global Fund (ASX Code: CGUN)PDSTMDMPI
Claremont Global Fund (hedged) (ASX Code: CGHE)PDSTMDMPI


Fund Performance

Please click here to view the performance of the Claremont Global Funds


All queries in relation to the Fund, should be directed to Claremont Global: 
Telephone: 1300 684 537 
Email: [email protected]

All investor queries regarding unitholder details including tax statements, holding statements, the updating of registered details, should be addressed to the Fund's Unit Registry (Apex Group Ltd), or in the case of broker sponsored holdings in CGUN or CGHE to your broker or licensed adviser.

Apex Funds Ltd 
P 1300 133 451 
E [email protected]